An Evening With Mike Uzan and Friends

A Celebration Of Life - For The Living - at Le Manoir NDG every Thursday from 4-7pm.

Come and get a prime seat early!  The proceedings will begin just after 5pm with tremendously funny guy and Master of Ceremonies, Paul Worrall kicking things off!  Mike will take the stage at 5:15pm sharp, doing about a 45 minute set.  This will be followed by a 15 minute comedy interlude by Paul.  To close out the evening, Mike will do another set taking us to 7pm and Paul will close out the evening with a final word and a thankful sendoff to everyone who has attended.

We have divided the venue into two distinct halves, the lounge, a beautiful, completely glass-enclosed area will be for those who are coming to see the show.  The bar area, the inner workings of Le Manoir, will be for people coming to talk with and meet others from the community.  While the music and comedy will be available to be heard through all areas of the venue, we ask that those who plan on carrying on conversations through the show please sit in the bar area - in consideration of the performers.

We call it Mike Uzan and Friends because it is our desire and objective to bring a wide variety of local musical talents on stage with Mike to collaborate.  Due to the newness of this project it may take a bit of time to organize this.

The entire essence of these evenings is to share love and cameraderie with our fellow man (and woman).  We want every person to go home happy, with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.  Mike and Paul are two of the most special human beings on the planet and we hope that by spending time in their presence you will be forever changed - for the positive!

We don't want or need you to spend a lot of money during these events.  We want you to come to be a part of something very special for the community and the world.  Myself, Mike and Paul, Peter (owner), Louis (GM) and his staff and everyone else associated with this initiative will do everything in our power to make sure you have a great time!  All my best,  Ross


Paul Worrall

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