Horns of the Bull Golf Club

The first G3 Golf 36 Hole Championship Layout

Designed by the leading golf course architectural firm in the world, Huxham Golf Design, Horns of the Bull will feature two 18 hole championship facilities and a full golf learning centre.  This facility is in tribute to the visionary Stan Horne, who designed many of the holes for this course over 50 years ago.  The Golf Professional Emeritus will be none other than The Legend, Gerry Ferguson.  Gerry will transfer his love of the game to all who come to him to learn, whatever their age.

The global plan is to have G3 Golf 36 Hole Championship Layouts designed and built by Huxham Golf Design down to every city in every country across the world, totalling in excess of 10,000 facilities enabling every person on the planet to learn and play the second greatest sport God has ever given to mankind behind only racquetball!

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