Markaryan Brothers Enterprises

For over 40 years, Arsak and Sahan Markaryan have been doing what they do from their inconspicuous Harvard Stationary location on Sherbrooke St. W. in NDG.  What they do is to provide the utmost in a wide range of quality print services, delivering these to their substantial customer base rapidly, professionally and very reasonably.  These are two of the nicest, most unassuming men you could ever meet.  Moving forward, their enterprise will encompass the complete suite of services offered by Vista globally.  This represents the top quality print, design and web-based/digital services in the world.  These services will be available to every person in the world, completely free of charge!  As a starting point, Lynn Kerr, a wonderful NDG artist, has a dream of being able to give every person in the world a piece of her artwork for free.  Through this initiative her wish and dream will be fulfilled! 

Hand -painted bookmarks by Lynn Kerr

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