We are in a time as none other in man's 6000 year history since Adam. It is a time where our finite/mortal bodies will be transformed to those which are glorified and eternal, thereby matching our eternal spirits.  In conjunction with this time, the earth will progressively change from the current situation to heaven on earth.  

Montreal is a very important part of this change.  It is the 'gateway' to New Jerusalem.  People from all across the globe will flock to Montreal in order to be a part of the new, eternal era for mankind. Every person (100 billion) who was ever conceived will be present in New Jerusalem (on 1500 levels, each being 1500 sq miles).  In addition, God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus will be there. People will leave Montreal with a definitive plan to work with G3 in bringing heaven to their local area, city or country.

An important qualification of this is necessary.  In the bible there is much which needs to happen before New Jerusalem descends from heaven.  Most important of which is a one thousand year rule and reign of Jesus while Satan is locked away and before he is loosed. This is no longer necessary as God has forgiven Satan of his transgressions and has opened the gates of heaven to every person and angel.  All of the conditions for New Jerusalem to descend have been met.  It is in the process of doing so... 


New Jerusalem.mp3

Cross on Mount Royal, St. Joseph's Oratory, Notre Dame Basilica

New Jerusalem painted with Skittles candy by ADMc.

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