Dena Rassenti Racquet & Fitness Centre

NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre NDG

Combining the area currently being used as the Monkland Tennis Club and the North Field at LCC, NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre will be a state-of-the-art racquet and fitness centre featuring 8 each of glass backed racquetball and squash courts, 8 indoor/outdoor clay tennis courts, 8 badminton/short tennis courts, 8 table tennis tables as well as an unparalleled fitness facility, 4 golf simulators and a sports bar/resto with outside terrace overlooking our swimming pool.  Built with painstaking attention to detail by top Montreal construction firm, Arthur Murphy Construction, this club will represent the first in a large number of top flight NuVoWay LifeStyle Centres to be built across the earth.

Named in honour of Dena Rassenti, who has given her life to the promoting and teaching of racquetball.  The Rassenti family are legendary in NDG - for their longtime commitment to the NDG YMCA - where a number of the Rassenti boys played handball.  Dena was also an excellent player, rising to the top of the Canadian and international racquetball scene in the 70's and 80's.  

The global plan is to have NuVoWay LifeStyle Centres down to every city in every country across the world, totalling in excess of 10,000 centres enabling every person on the planet to learn and play the greatest sport God has ever given to mankind - racquetball!


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