A New Day

On December 25, 2003, God placed the Spirit of Jesus Christ in my heart.  From this time to today, that spirit has grown and developed - changing me and making me better in every way.  In this time, God has given me much revelation about the world to come.

'Every day in every way I am and my world is getting better and better.  Continuous and never-ending upward spiralling through the infinite levels of heaven (on earth).'

These words are not simply for me, but for all of us.  All of our lives are on this upwards, continuous spiral - and as such - are getting better by the day.  My hope is that this will help you to see the progress you are making and to get really excited for the future - which is very bright - for all of mankind!

Please enjoy the contents of this website.  I created it for you!  God created it for you - through me!  

I am in the process of developing and perfecting a new multimedia presentation;  Heaven on Earth.  Please go to this website, enjoy the presentation and if you have comments and/or ways you can help to make it better, please do!

Stairway to Heaven.mp3

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